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Today I wrote a little helper function that rotates selected text and inserts to the current BKS x-axis. The function is tested up to AutoCAD 2011.

(defun c:rotate_0 (/ sset element index)
 (setq sset (ssget))
 (setq index 0)
  (if (/= sset nil)
    (repeat (sslength sset)
     (setq element (entget (ssname sset index)))
     (if (= (cdr (assoc 0 element)) "insert")
	(command "_rotate"
          (cdr (assoc -1 element))
          (cdr (assoc 10 element))
          (* (/ 180 pi) (cdr (assoc 50 element)))
      ; else if	
        (setq element (subst (cons 50 0.0) (assoc 50 element) element))
        (entmod element)
   (setq index (+ index 1))



Well, I like to introduce one of my projects, it’s called mmCAD. This project provides usefull commands for AutoCAD. The future goal of this project is to build up a powerfull application to assist constructing engineers by their daily work. Unfortunately the software is only available in German, because mmCAD supports only the German DIN-Standard.

Even though the project is under the GPL-License but the source code is hosted on a private server. If anybody wants to take a look at the sourcetree please write me an email. In the near future I will post some useful classes and functions from this project.


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